This is a simple REST API created for all your UK address lookup requirements for CiviCRM, a web-based, open source, internationalized suite of computer software for constituency relationship management.

About CiviPostcode

CiviPostcode provides postcode based address entry for CiviCRM. Simply enter a UK postcode and select the right address from the drop-down list. Quick, easy, accurate and completely free for many UK charities.

How does it work?

When a user enters an address in CiviCRM, the CiviCRM server connects to the CiviPostcode servers to retrieve the matching addresses. After the user selects the right address from the displayed list the CiviCRM address fields are filled in.

Who can use CiviPostcode for free?

Anyone can use CiviPostcode, but you need the Postcode Address File (PAF). Royal Mail normally charges for this but many UK charities are eligible for free access. Their FAQ says:

As a small charity, do we qualify for free access to PAF?
If you are a UK-based charity or Community Interest Company (CIC) with less than £10 million income per annum you may qualify for a free copy of Full PAF. Contact Us to find out more.

CiviPostcode provides a method (a REST API) to access your copy of PAF in a way that works with CiviCRM. We don’t decide who can access PAF for free, but if you are eligible then you can use CiviPostcode for free. CiviPostcode is a service provided to the CiviCRM community by Veda NFP Consulting Ltd.

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  • CiviCRM Intergration

    CiviCRM Intergration

    Easy integration with CiviCRM with our new postcode lookup extension for CiviCRM. Just install the extension in CiviCRM and configure the API key.


  • Fast

    Quickly look up full address for any postcode in the UK.

  • Accurate

    Verify correct postal addresses to the specific unit, flat or house number.

  • Seamlessly integrated

    Saving your money and time on integration and configuration.